September 27, 2021

Smartwatch Wearable Tracking Device USA 2022

Topic: Smartwatch Wearable Tracking Device USA 2022

Smartwatch Wearable Tracking Device USA 2021

3 Best Smartwatch Wearable Tracking Device USA 2022

Best Smartwatch Wearable Tracking Device USA 2022

All people love their family members or other relatives. Their privacy and safety is the prime concern. Especially when you are engaged in civil or army services. You must take initial steps to have an eye on your family. You must be aware of the place and spots they visit every day. 

But it is not possible to follow them personally or hire a special bodyguard for them. It required a lot of capital and money. But for middle man, police, or army personnel it is impossible to keep an eye every time on their daily members. 

Technology has become advanced, several gadgets and devices are introduced for the safety and protection of your family, one of them is GPS which will send the live location of a person to another person. 

Now, this technology is fitted in smartwatches and can be connected to your mobile devices. The person who wears these watches will be able to share their live location with the added person. These watches are easily available on the internet. 

There are a lot of options for GPS watches on e-commerce websites. It is difficult for you to choose a genuine one. That is why we have shortlisted the top 3 best smartwatch wearable tracking devices from Amazon. Let’s have a look at them. 

3 Best Smartwatch Wearable Tracking Device USA 2022 – Review

1 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 

Samsung is a well-known brand known for its imparting quality electronic products and appliances. Samsung covers almost 40% of the total electric products of the market. The products of Samsung are genuine and are manufactured with high-quality products and a team of certified technicians. 

The Samsung smartwatch series is one of the best smartwatches available in the market. The watch will provide you with specifications similar to a smartphone. You can call, capture pictures, record videos, listen to your favourite music, and many more. 

Especially it has a pre-built specialized tracking system to ensure proper security and privacy of the wearer. You can add the person who can access your location to expose yourself to risks and uncertainties. No need to worry about privacy and security, it will take care of that for you. 


  • Track all kinds of activities of your body including:
  • Heartbeats
  • Step counts
  • body temperature
  • ECG monitoring
  • Workout count 
  • Blood pressure
  • Body conditioning 
  • It has an advanced sleep tracking system to track your sleep duration. When you start to sleep the watch will automatically start counting. 
  • While workout or exercise its workout mode will be activated and help you to know about the repetitions. 
  • It will provide accurate ECG monitoring to keep your heart safe. Whenever it receives an inaccurate rhythm it will notify you. 
  • It will keep an eye on the oxygen levels of your body to prevent any toxins and bitterness in your body. 
  • It offers numerous other features like Google, music, maps, GPS tracking, Live location sharing, camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, and many more in a single device. 
  • Premium and clash design.

2 Garmin 010-01769-01 Vivoactive 3

Another smartwatch in our list with prevailing features and specifications. The advanced technology used in the smartwatch will allow your relatives and family members to track your location from any part of the world. Other than privacy it will track your health and accurate physical conditioning, and provide a graphical representation. 

The waterproof feature of the watch protects it from water damage during the rainy season and when exposed to water. 


  • All modes of payment are accepted for buying the watch from Amazon. 
  • Thousands of widgets and layouts of watches are available for free. No charges applied.
  • Includes modes for more than 100+ sports for both indoor and outdoor. Like swimming, tennis, running, yoga, and many more. 
  • Keeps you updated about your heart and other physical standards to alert you when you are going to face consequences. 
  • It will connect to your smartphone and provide you notifications, calls alerts, and updates of your mobile. 
  • It stays on for more than 14 days in watch mode and about 13 hours in GPS mode. 


  • Battery life is quite low for GPS features. 
  • Price is high 
  • Offer fewer features and specifications. 
  • Fewer colours and designs combinations are available.

3 Amazfit GTS 2 Smartwatch

The last smartwatch in our list of top 3 best smartwatch wearable tracking devices. The special watch is designed for fashion lovers and enthusiasts. It is the combo of fashion and technology. The mono technology will provide accurate data on several checkups including heartbeat rate, Blood pressure, and many more. 

Other than these it has an in-built GPS tracker to transmit your current location to the added persons. If you are in danger or risk them simply alert all the added persons with your current location. 


  • Offers more than 3GB of storage space and blur tooth connection with your mobile device. 
  • All-round health tracking interface, best for the health-conscious person. 
  • Classy design with AMOLED display to conserve more energy. 
  • Water-resistant specifications. 
  • More than 90 sports modes and advanced technology will eliminate the need to manually selecting the sports modes. 
  • It offers a high backup battery life of more than 7 days with GPS. 
  • Capable to transmit your location without any network, from satellite signals in emergencies. 
  • Built-in Alexa to ask questions anytime and ask to on or off any feature with voice command. 


  • Country of origin is China
  • Storage space is low
  • Complaints about low battery backup from customers. 
  • Causes problems in Tracking sleep and footsteps. 
  • The display is quite blurred and specifications are not visible from a far distance. 
  • Water-resistance is not guaranteed.

    Smartwatch Wearable Tracking Device USA 2022 Conclusion 

After knowing about all three smartwatch wearable tracking devices, you might be puzzled in selecting the best one. Don’t worry! We recommend you buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Its imparting features and specifications will meet all the requirements and needs. 

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